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wood, metal connector, inkjet print on transparent paper, water, architectural sketch 210x140x70,  2020
Installation view 
"Significant surfaces" Edmond de Rothschild Gallery, Tel-Aviv, Israel. 
Curator: Ilanit Konopny
SignificantSurfaces_ph@NetaCones (24).jp
פיגומים קטן.jpg
Neta Cones creates site-specific installations that relate not only to the gallery space in which they are presented, but to the entire architectonic structure and urban context it inhabits. She begins by photographing the edifice’s exterior and interior, the surrounding buildings and vegetation, then merges samples of her photographs with her personal and family biography, into a sculptural collage of abstract shapes. The work on display refers to the historic facade of the Edmond de Rothschild Center and particularly to the fountain that stands at its entrance. Cones was inspired by the reflections on the water's surface, including the building itself, its adjacent palm tree and surrounding buildings, the sky and the artist's own face. She thus creates a stratified image similar to a photographic collage. In her scaffold-like temporary structure, Cones installs hints of the building’s external surroundings, a sketch of a 1980’s split-level house designed by her father (an architect who worked before the era of digital imagery, when the imprint of the architect/father was still apparent), as well as photographs that serve as the artist’s own fingerprints. She deals with the subjects of home, architectural preservation and urban settings, as symbols of ephemeral situations undergoing constant processes of association and dissolution.
Text by Ilanit Konopny
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