Neta Cones

Born in Israel, 1988.

Lives and work in Tel-Aviv.




2011-2015 Minshar School of Art, Tel Aviv, Israel (with honors).

2011-2015 B.A faculty of Humanities, The Open University.


Duo Exhibitions

2018  "Hide and seek"- a duo exhibition with Omer Gal, Minshar gallery, Tel-Aviv , Israel curator: Oded Yedaya,

2017  "Foreground Background"- a duo exhibition with Shir Lusky, Omer Tiroche gallery, Yafo Tel-Aviv , curator: Orit Bulgaru,

Group Exhibitions

2020   The Biennale for art and design , Eretz Israel Muesem, Tel-Aviv, Israel (upcoming)

            "Significant surfaces" Edmond de Rothschild Gallery, curator: Ilanit Konopny, Tel-Aviv, Israel 

2019   "Fresh paint live", "Expo" TLV, Tel-Aviv  Israel, curated by Raz Shapira

2018  "Sweet 16" Kav 16 Gallery, curator: Karni Barzilay, Tel-Aviv, Israel

            The print fair#3, The print house, Tel-Aviv, Israel. 

2017  "Art to get" Place for art Gallery, Tel-Aviv, Israel

2016  "Slalom" Benyamin Gallery, Tel-Aviv, Israel. Curator: Dor Sharon

           "Show room" Inga Gallery, Tel-Aviv, Israel. Curator: Etti Shwarts

           Musrara Mix Festival #16, Jerusalem, Israel. Curator: Ayelet Hashahar cohen 

           The Greenhouse project, Fresh Paint art fair 8 , Tel-Aviv, Israel.

           "Monochrome", The Kupferman collection Museum, Israel. Curator: Dalya Levin

           "Class Photo"- Selective group exhibition of the photography academia in IsraelMuseum of Photography, Tel-Hai, Israel. 

2015  "Facade", Hamrekazit Gallery, Tel-aviv, Israel. Curator: Doron Furman

            Graduation, Minshar's Gallery, Tel- Aviv, Israel.

            Bank hapoalim, Tel- Aviv, Israel.

2013   The Tzimer Gallery, Tel- Aviv, Israel.


Private collections